Service Level Agreement

Our Commitment Towards The Customer

Servmix, LLC
Last Update: March 20, 2023

Service Level Agreement

SERVMIX understands the importance of the services that we provide to our customers. Thus we are making commitments to our customers in the form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). We have developed the following SLA to insure best quality and maximum performance and uptime.

1. General Obligation

  • SERVMIX is obliged to provide the best possible service to the customer.
  • SERVMIX provides the same level of quality across all services.
  • SERVMIX is obliged to be transparent in the communications with the customer.
  • SERVMIX is obliged to maintain the customer’s personal data in full strictly confidential and will not be exposed to any party except the government or international agencies if requested formally, and we will tell the client directly when that information revealed to them unless the case requires otherwise.

    2. NETWORK & Power Availability

    • SERVMIX guarantees network uptime to be 99.9%. This guarantee assures that all major routing devices within our network are reachable from the global internet 99.9% of the time.
    • SERVMIX guarantees 100% uninterrupted electricity in a given month.
    • Many possible situations are completely beyond the control of SERVMIX, and therefore are not in the scope of this SLA. These situations include:
      • Scheduled Network Maintenance.
      • Hardware Maintenance.
      • Software Maintenance.
      • Malicious Attacks.

    3. Hosting

    • SERVMIX provides four types of hosting services: Shared, WordPress, Cloud and Reseller Hosting.
    • SERVMIX’s all hosting services are powered by a cloud infrastructure.
    • SERVMIX provides complementary backup internally and externally for all hosting’s customers, and we are not responsible for any missing data, information or files. In any case, the customer is responsible for maintaining the position and taking periodic backups to save them in a safe place for him.
    • SERVMIX provides various plans across all the hosting services with different resources, including but not limited to: Storage, Bandwidth, CPU, RAM, Files limit. Any exceed in the consumption for this is contrary to the agreement and the customer must upgrade to service the largest.
    • SERVMIX provides a free migration for your website(s) to any of our hosting services and committed to spend the best effort to ensure that all of  your data have been migrated successfully, however it’s the customer responsibility to confirm the state of the files after the migration especially if the old  hosting was incompatible or was not seamless while the migration process.

    4. Cloud Servers & Dedicated Servers

    • SERVMIX commits to ensure that your Cloud Server is isolated in terms of the resources and its performance won’t get impacted by any other Cloud Server.
    • SERVMIX provides 1 snapshot feature for free with all Cloud Servers’ plans.
    • SERVMIX provides a free IPv4 with the server (Cloud & Dedicated) and can be upgraded to 3 max (Cloud Servers) or to 5 max (Dedicated Servers) with additional cost.
    • All servers come with a specified monthly bandwidth that will reset automatically the first day of every month. SERVMIX will notify the customer if the server consumed %90 of the bandwidth for asking the customer to upgrade his bandwidth quota (for three months minimum) where the server will be suspended if it consumed the bandwidth by 100%.
    • SERVMIX offers for free the “Standard” server management plan for all servers which is limited to the basic support, hardware and network issues. If a customer looking for advanced coverage of management, we can provide this through the advanced management plans.
    • For (Dedicated Servers), our hardware replacement time is 4 hours at maximum.
    • SERVMIX doesn’t take a backup of the server unless if the customer is subscribed to our Cloud Backup services. therefore, hence it’s solely the customer responsibility.
    • It’s the customer responsibility to inform SERVMIX at least 30 days prior to the next invoice of a dedicated server if the customer intends to cancel it.

    5. Server Management

    • Our management plans are being provided only to the internal customers (Cloud & Dedicated Servers).
    • The “Enterprise” management plan can be ordered for external customers.
    • Starting from “Premium” management plans onwards, We don’t offer any server access whether as administrator, ROOT or SSH access to the customer. the service will be considered as interrupted automatically if the customer got the access.
    • The customer is eligible for 1 request per ticket.

    6. Cloud Backup

    • SERVMIX provides the full support to the Cloud Backup customers, including:
      • Installing and configuring the service.
      • Updating the agents.
      • Helping the customer in the critical backups restores.
      • Technical support for the service.

    7. Web Design & Development

    • SERVMIX commits to deliver the project upon to the agreed requirements.
    • SERVMIX has the rights to charge the customer for extra cost if the customer requested for changes, extras outside the agreed requirements.
    • SERVMIX offers “SDA-Software Development Agreement” as per the project type.
    • SERVMIX is not responsible of adding the content to the website. we may provide it as a complement or with charges as per the project.
    • Any delay from the customer will affect the timelines of the project.

    8. Domains

    • SERVMIX provides a full control for the registered domains through it.
    • It’s the customer responsibility using the full provided control by SERVMIX to manage and renew his domains, as well as keeping the domains owners details up to date.

    9. Payment, Renewal and Cancellation

    • SERVMIX provides its services to the customer after paying its charges.
    • The customer will receive a notification automatically for the invoices at least 7 days before the due date.
    • SERVMIX will auto suspend or terminate the services with overdue invoices.
    • SERVMIX might maintain a copy of the data for the terminated services for a period of 2 weeks maximum.
    • The customer is obligated to pay for the generated invoices (if he didn’t cancel it within a time prior to generating the new invoice).

    10. Support

    • SERVMIX provides 24/7/365 support for the hosting services through the tickets.
    • SERVMIX commits to provide ultra fast response within a few minutes from creating the ticket. We guarantee at the worst case our first response to not exceed 59 Minutes.